DJ’s Grave

DJ WIlliams
DJ’s Grave 

The collection towards renewing DJ’s grave proved to be so successful we now have a surplus. The amount now stands at £608. We have already paid for the restoration of the grave and have earmarked £200 towards the newly formed Plaid Cymru History Society.

We now have to decide what to do with the remaining money.

Both the graves of Saunders Lewis and Lewis Valentine are in good condition since they have family. We also looked at the grave of D.G. Davies, Carmel another of Plaids founding fathers.

The wish of the Constituency is that we place a bench bearing a plaque, at the foot of Garn Goch where the memorial to Gwynfor Evans. We are in negotiation with the Beacons National Park


As it was

Bedd DJ Cyn Adnewyddu


Bedd DJ wedi adnewyddu yn 2010

1970 Stamp Coffau DJ Williams