Plaid Cymru History

DJ a Noelle Davies – EIsteddfod Lecture by Richard Wyn Jones

Plaid Cymru History

Saunders Lewis, Plaid Cymru and Europe

Plaid Cymru History
It is time for Saunders Lewis, as one of the greatest leaders of Wales’ national movement, to receive the recognition he is due, according to another former president of Plaid Cymru, Dafydd Wigley. The Plaid Cymru History Society is pleased to publish in its entirety the major lecture delivered by Dafydd Wigley under the title mwy » »

Saunders Lewis remembered

Plaid Cymru History
Blue plaque for Saunders Lewis’ home A plaque is being unveiled next week at the house where Saunders Lewis lived in Penarth to mark the 30th anniversary of his death. The event is being arranged by the local Plaid Cymru branch and the Plaid Cymru History Society, with the support of the current house owner, who has lived mwy » »


Plaid Cymru History
An Exhibiton at the 2015 Conference was prepared by the National Library of Wales and Plaid Cymru History Society to mark 90 years since the Blaid was established.       The Welsh Political Archive The Welsh Political Archive is a dedicated programme in the National Library of Wales to collect, store, catalogue and promote mwy » »

A tribute to Glyn Erasmus

Plaid Cymru History
A tribute to Glyn Erasmus by Jim Criddle and his friends in Blackwood. It was with shock and great sadness that Plaid Cymru learnt of the death of Glyn Erasmus. He died suddenly and totally unexpectedly at his home in Blackwood on the evening of Friday, January 15th. Glyn joined the party many years ago mwy » »

Remembering Two Pioneers

Plaid Cymru History
Elenid Jones, Wyn James and Emrys Roberts An evening event to commemorate the lives of two great pioneers of Welsh nationalism will take place in Gwaelod y Garth (at 7.30pm, Thursday 3 December 2015 in Bethlehem Chapel). The focus of the evening, arranged by the Plaid Cymru History Society, is Professor Griffith John Williams and mwy » »

Vic Davies – Rhondda’s Champion 1917 – 2015

Plaid Cymru History
Vic Davies – Rhondda’s Champion Tributes by Cennard Davies and Leanne Wood and Jill Evans This tribute was delivered at the funeral of Vic Davies at Bethlehem, Treorci on Friday, 30 October 2015 by Councillor Cennard Davies.  A native of Treorci, Rhondda, Cennard is the former head of the Language Studies Centre in Glamorgan University mwy » »

Scottish Referendwm

Plaid Cymru History
Among the many people from Wales who travelled north to help the campaign for Scottish independence were Gwerfyl Hughes Jones, Llanuwchllyn and Mari Evans and Dafydd Williams from Swansea.  This is an unofficial record of their referendum week. Monday 15 September 2014 ‘Pob lwc’ – all the best was the encouraging farewell as we left mwy » »