Remembering Phil Williams (1939 – 2003) in the Cardiff Eisteddfod

Plaid Cymru will celebrate the life of the late Professor Phil Williams, the party’s candidate in the Caerffili by-election fifty years ago with a special meeting in the Cardiff National Eisteddfod (at 11:45am, Thursday, 9 August 2018).

The meeting, organised by the Plaid Cymru History Society, will take place in the Eisteddfod’s Societies 3 room in the Senedd, Cardiff Bay.

“Phil Williams inspired a whole generation to realise what Wales could achieve – if we win the right as a nation to govern our own lives,” said the Plaid History chairman and former party general secretary Dafydd Williams.

Former Ceredigion MP and Assembly Member Cynog Dafis and Dafydd Williams will be leading discussion of Phil Williams’ contribution to Wales.

Translation facilities from Welsh to English will be available.