History of Plaid in Môn 1925 – 1987

Meeting: Spring Conference  1 March 2013

Bikes, Barbicues,  &  Lifeboat  Llannerchymedd : History of Plaid in Mon  1925-1987

Gerwyn James

Friday, 4.30pm

I’m  a native of Anglesey and was brought up in the Star area in the parish of Penmynydd but have lived in Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll since 1977. For many years I was a history teacher  in Pwllheli and later in Tryfan Bangor.  At present I’m a part-time tutor with the W.D.A.  Lately I’ve been involved in writing a book called Y Rhwyg (the Wrench). It.s about  the history of the Great War in this part f the island which will be published by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch in the Summer.

My latest project is the history of Plaid on Anglesey – in the hope that this will appear soon 

I have been a Plaid member since 1973 and have been involved in canvasing distributing leaflets and knocking on doors since the 1974 election.

Everyone Welcome