Pirate Radio Wales in London

This is Radio Wales calling … and from London. Plaid Cymru London Branch`s pirate radio  broadcasting from Earls Court . This exclusive picture was taken in an attic somewhere in Earl’s Court on October 11th 1962. Needless to say, the ‘Private ‘ broadcasters are Plaid Cymru supporters.

1962 Radio Cymru LlundainThe private station came on the air shortly after the strains of the National Anthem had faded away on B.B.C. Television.The broadcast, which lasted 15 minutes, was chiefly of news and commentary.

It was directed mainly at the bemused electorate of Hampstead, Mr. Henry Brooke’s constituency (Mr. Brooke himself was at the Tory Party Conference in Llandudno at the time doing his best with the Welsh National Anthem).

“Our listeners tonight in Hampstead,” said Radio Wales, “you know what an insensitive man Henry Brooke is as well as we do in Wales.”

The flooding of Tryweryn valley had incensed the Welsh people, it went on.”We shall not forget you Brooke and tonight we appeal to Hampstead electors to choose a more democratically-minded, fair and sensitive English gentleman.” Where and when will Radio Wales strike next?”

Report from Archives London Branch