Into The Fray – Scotland 2014

Into The Fray

by Alan Jobbins.

2014m09Alan Jobbins YesPlaid History secretary Alan Jobbins travelled with Owen John and Sian Thomas to Scotland to help the Yes campaign in Scotland’s independence referendum. Here is his story.

Landing at Glasgow I wondered what was in store for Owen & Sian and myself. Glasgow being almost solid Labour land, what hope could there be for a ‘Yes’ vote?

We were quickly into the fray. Canvassing, leafleting houses and streets, singing and chanting with flash mobs – plus knocking up and polling booth duty. A particular memory was canvassing in a deprived area where voter after vote said ‘Yes’.

The ‘Yes’ Campaign was marvellous, well-organised, hard working – and even feeding us.

Late night St. Georges Square was inspirational with flags, bands, speeches and cheering. Even the shouting of a group of Loyalists waving Union flags only added to our good mood.

The result in Glasgow was for us – and another Referendum is inevitable. But when? Aided by the antics of Cameron and the other Unionist parties, before long.

Photo: Alan Jobbins in Glasgow – backing the Yes campaign